Kait Bryant

Hello, Kait here! My love of art started at a young age. My dad, brother, and I would spend evenings at the kitchen table drawing and listening to music.  Each of us took turns drawing whatever came to mind, passing the paper between the three of us and creating from the previous one’s drawing.  Resident Evil on PS1 and Sailor Moon ignited a new fire within me. I was obsessed with the two growing up, filling spiral bound notepads with drawings of the video game and show that I loved. 

In spring of 2019, I started working on my artwork consistently.  At that time I had no intentions of pursuing a career with my artwork. I worked on it because it brought me joy.  Later that year my husband, Tyler, brought up the idea of me tattooing. I didn’t think much of it until 2020 when Bret and Tyler surprised me with what I needed to start practicing tattoos. Since then, I’ve poured hours into my artwork and learning about tattooing. 2021 was the year I decided it was time to make a change and chase my dream. Here I am, tattooing anime, characters, and neotraditional floral.  Contact me to book any of these!

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